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Remembrance plays a special part of the RSA. The Poppy Appeal, ANZAC, and Armistice days are activitie s of national remembrance in which acknowledges those service men and women who served their country.

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On Anzac Day (25th April) each year, the Mosgiel RSA provides an opportunity for Mosgiel residents, ex-servicemen and women and their families to remember those who served their Country in particular, in both World Wars.

Our Anzac Day service is always well attended by veterans, their families, MP’s, local dignitaries, schools, RSA members, RSA staff, local residents and various youth groups. On completion of the march to the cenotaph and service, we provide a lunch free of charge to returned service people.


On the 11th November at 11 am we have a service at the Mosgiel cenotaph to remember the end of World War 2. This is open and attended by the public and service people. The service is getting bigger every year with people recognising the significance of remembering those who made considerable sacrifices for us.


There are many other days of significance that the Mosgiel Memorial RSA remembers. On these days, members gather at the club to remember.

At 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week, the ode is read out and a moment of silence is held in remembrance. All RSA clubs that are open do this (some, just one night and some every night). It is a long standing tradition to remind us all of the sacrifices made.

Our Background


The Mosgiel RSA has a membership of approximately 600 people and is also used by a wide range of non-members in our community. Our vision is “A place where everyone can belong”. Our mission is to provide a Community Hub, a welcoming facility that becomes a community focal point in the Taieri Area.

The Mosgiel RSA was officially opened in 1966 and over the years, as membership grew and community need increased, the Mosgiel RSA extended the building culminating in the major redevelopment currently in progress after several years of fundraising. Our aim is to create a facility that can be used by more community organisations, and is better equipped as a Community Hub.

The Mosgiel RSA Welfare and Support Service plays a vital role in supporting veterans, ex-service people and their spouses and partners to obtain benefits, pensions, allowances, and welfare assistance. This support often extends to practical help with day to day things like organising transport to medical appointments and Dunedin Hospital, and advocating for people with other organisations and agencies when necessary.

We strive to be an invaluable community asset offering fundraising support through quiz nights and affordable entertainment, and we also support the Mosgiel not-for-profit sector by providing a venue at no cost. Working in partnership with East Taieri Church we have assisted with the provision of a Community Christmas dinner.

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Member Privileges

  • Anyone can be a member of the RSA. You do not need to be a service person.
  • Discounted drinks (5-10% on alcoholic drinks - excludes food).
  • Discount on snooker table hire. Free function room hire.
  • Club members nights including members only draws.
  • Club trips once a month. The travel is free. Cost of food etc additional.
  • Member discounts with some businesses. In conjunction with National RSA and Clubs NZ. Plus additional discounts to some local businesses.
  • Drop off service to hospital appointments or specialists appointments. This is free for people unable to drive or access the bus.
  • Access to Mosgiel Memorial RSA funding for things such as scooter batteries or hearing aids (means tested).

For more information about joining the Mosgiel Memorial RSA, please contact us by clicking the link below.

Staff / Committee


Responsible for the governance and running of the Mosgiel Memorial RSA.

Susie Ballantyne President
Jen Spinner  Vice President
Graeme Thomas Committee Member
Gordon Cameron  Committee Member
Murray Rowe  Committee Member
Alan Wright  Committee Member
Judy Chamberlain  Club Administrator


Responsible for the Mosgiel Memorial RSA trust and Poppy Day funds for veterans service people and their families.

Mark Hastie Chairperson
Merv Rowe Trustee
Kevin Thompson Trustee


Responsible for the running of the Bar and Restaurant. The commercial operations of the Mosgiel Memorial RSA.

Frank Murphy Manager
Mark Cameron Head Chef
Wendy Cameron Restaurant Manager
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Get support, help or

If you or someone close to you needs immediate assistance, help is available. Contact us for more information about how we can help.

Get support, help or

If you or someone close to you needs immediate assistance, help is available. Contact us for more information about how we can help.

Veterans standing with their medals